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With more than 6 years in the transportation and warehousing industry and over five years in the recruiting industry, we know a thing or two when it comes to finding the best talent for your company.

Pre-School / Day Care

We Directly Place: 

Lead Teachers

Associate Teachers

Teacher Aides

Substitute Teachers


Administrative Roles


Site Supervisors

Enrollment Coordinators

and any other Positions You can think of!

Why Choose Us?


Studies show that it cost a little more than $4,000.00 per hire on average. We are able to help businesses cut down on their costs significantly by dedicating our full time schedule, to acquire talent for their needs.


Sponsored Job Postings, Personal Recruiter Leads, an Impeccable and Diverse Network


Here to help make your business better. We're available to our clients 24/7


On average it takes about 42 days before a business finds talent worthy to be hired. With Directly Placed, we could find talent, satisfactory for the work you need performed within a week.

Meticulous Software

Foolproof Application Tracking System


30-day guarantee, more allotment for business productivity, long-lasting relationship with our network and services, In house connections and better ROI's